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 The focus may be on baby but mom and dad should plan on what to wear too. Being present in your photos with your newborn is not something to forget. You are as important to them as they are to you.

Vintage Airplane Newborn Photography Session
Vintage Airplane Newborn Photography Session by alexis-kubista featuring blue toss pillows

I worked with a very special lady for a pin up inspired boudoir shoot. Ms I. and I have been talking for a while about making this happen and was so excited when the day was set. When we talked while planning she had a few shots in mind that are FYEO (For Your Eyes Only), but let me know that I had creative freedom to plan anything beyond that. We both agreed we really wanted to capture a colorful, flirty, and mischievous feeling in the images. Ms I. had a few items already in her wardrobe but we spent an afternoon picking up a few extra things to create a little more variety. She picked up a pair of pumps in a zigzag fabric that were to die for. Yes, if there were a pair in my size someone would have gotten hurt if they stood in my way to buying them. She let me shuffle around in her pair bit so I could lament on the injustice of having a too popular shoe size.

The day of the session we reviewed some classic pin up art after hair and makeup were done. Then took some time to pair her modern fashion pieces with a selection of vintage props and fashion pieces. I have a good collection of vintage jewelry, hankies, aprons, and odds and ends I am readily able to pull from. When we were ready Ms I. stepped in front of the camera like a pro. She is a wonderful mix of rebelliousness, girlie glamour, and infectious humor. Have you ever heard smile with your eyes? Well Ms I. nailed it. The day was spent giggling, primping, and having a awesome time. I was graciously given permission to share a few of the fabulous images we created that day. Can’t wait for our next collaboration Ms I.