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 The focus may be on baby but mom and dad should plan on what to wear too. Being present in your photos with your newborn is not something to forget. You are as important to them as they are to you.

Vintage Airplane Newborn Photography Session
Vintage Airplane Newborn Photography Session by alexis-kubista featuring blue toss pillows
A Bag for Every Camera
When I pick out a came bag for my gear I have a few criteria I like met. It has to hold my walking around items for portrait sessions. This usually includes an my choice set of lenses, one body, speed light, extra batteries, extra memory cards, and small miscellaneous items. I look for bags that have removable inserts so I can adjust for the amount of gear I carry with me that day. This also helps as they can convert to a regular purse. I like how you blend in for street photography if your gear bag doesn’t scream “Look there, it’s a photographer with lots of expensive gear!” Lastly, I have to admit I love pretty accessories so the bag must look good. I’ve come to the point where all my large tote style bags are duel purpose camera bags. If I don’t need a camera than I just carry small clutch style bags. I still own a black backpack style camera bag but only use it when hiking or roughing it. If they made a cool Camelbak / camera backpack with adjustable inserts then I’d probably buy it. On to the cool stuff.
A Bag for Every Camera by alexis-kubista featuring Thomaspaul