Like you, my heart aches for all the victims and their loved ones in Boston right now. At the same time something so sad was happing, the world was able to see love, compassion, and heroism in Boston. Thank you to the first responders and all of those who helped their fellow man. Though we are so far away here is San Diego we can continue to show the same love and compassion demonstrated by the people of Boston. Those who suffered injuries have a long road to recovery ahead of them and there are many ways we can help. Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and Boston Mayor Tom Menino had started a fund so everyone can help those affected by this tragedy. Go to The One Fund to donate. Many of the runners at the Boston Marathon were running for causes while their family and friends supported them in their goal. Pick a runner’s cause and donate in the spirit of what the they were accomplishing that day. Closer to home you can donate to a local blood bank.

Running a marathon is about indomitable spirt in the face of weariness and pain. The insurmountable becomes attainable as people cheer you on and encourage you from the sidelines. Tomorrow morning chase away the darnkness with light. Lace up those running shoes and run, with love in your heart, in honor or everyone affected, and with fearlessness.  ADK Photography Copyright 2013