I took a break this last Saturday to run in the emBarkadero – Run, Walk, Roll, Wag with my family. The event benefited Canine Companions for Independence whose mission is helping people with disabilities.  Since this event was a doggy friendly one we made a team for our Verbena. The 4K is about 2.5 miles, which was the perfect amount of milage for Beans. Not too far of a distance that she would decide to revolt and plop down, refuse to move and exhibit her innate her hound stubbornness. It is just long enough that she could run the whole way and be ready for a nap afterwards. We made team shirts to wear for all us human pack members. The race organizers provided race bandanas and small doggy bibs with their own race numbers to all the dog participants. They were so freakin cute on all the dogs, I’d love to see it at other dog friendly races. We also bought some jazzy race socks for us ladies to wear. Gotta go all out for the Beans.

ADKPhotography Copyright 2013It was a cool-overcast morning but running along the bay was still awesome. The Hub and I shared camera duties together, so one of us would run ahead to get to a photo-op spot first then the rest of us would catch up and get some shots taken as we ran by or posed. Verbena was so excited she galloped like a puppy for the first mile. She was a little jumping bean again. because we matched when got separated we could still find each other pretty easily. We were still together even if our pace didn’t always match. I’m so proud of my mum who is working towards a longer half marathon later in the year. My family always try to find a race to run whenever we visit each other. You know the old saying, “A family that runs together, survives the zombie apocalypse.” Now on to some race day photos!

ADK Photography Copyright 2013There were lots of human and doggy racers. It wasn’t so packed that if a dog needed some extra space they could find some extra room to hang out before we started off. Verbena sniffed a few tails but was mostly concerned with posing for the camera.ADK Photography Copyright 2013“When do I get to run mom?” – Verbena

ADK Photography Copyright 2013

Almost time for our pack to head out.

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And we were off! Click on the “Play” button on the right to watch a clip of us running along.

ADK Photography Copyright 2013ADK Photography Copyright 2013ADK Photography Copyright 2013There were water stations for people and pups all along the race route, which Verbena made quick use of. The area around Newport Village is super dog friendly, with doggy waste stations available everywhere. It’s not usual to see people running with their dogs everyday. I love that San Diego is so K9 friendly.ADK Photography Copyright 2013ADK Photography Copyright 2013After the race there was a mini festival where everyone was invited. We got some all natural treats for Verbena and tried out the agility course from the Zoom Room Encinitas. Vebena had such a great morning she could barely stay awake on the trip home. Sometimes it’s just so hard to keep those peepers open. ADK Photography Copyright 2013I hope to see more of you out there for next year’s emBARKadero 4K. Who wants to Join Verbena’s Pack for our next race?

If you are interested in learning more about Canine Companions for Independence check them out on their website HERE, their blog HERE, and on Facebook HERE.