If you live in San Diego you have probably heard of Fiesta Island. It has a great big area for off leash doggy fun. There is lots of space for everyone to be as chill or as energetic as they want. With a clear weather report it was the perfect time for group Fiesta Island adventure. My assistant Verbena came along to help socialize little princess in training Bonita. See, Bonita is looking for her forever home and in the mean time learning to be a proper little lady. Along with Verbena, a few puppy friends were invited to teach Bonita manners while I captured some Bonita “in action” images. An image can make or break an adoptable pet’s chances of finding a forever home. Want to meet Bonita and her doggy mentors?

Bonita, the pretty little princess in training.ADK Photography Copyright 2013ADK Photography Copyright 2013

Her mentors, and some of the fun moments from the day.

ADK Photography Copyright 2013
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ADK Photography Copyright 2013ADK Photography Copyright 2013ADK Photography Copyright 2013

Bonita and digging, like peanut butter and jelly.
ADK Photography Copyright 2013ADK Photography Copyright 2013All the dogs were a little tired and just a little sandy by the end of the day. As a puppy my Verbena learned that if she got too cold in the water she could warm up/dry off by rolling in the hot sand. I’m sure she thinks this is brilliant, and this is what the process looks like.ADK Photography Copyright 2013

And this is what we affectionately refer to as the sugar cookie.ADK Photography Copyright 2013

No one else has figured this out yet but I have a feeling this look will catch on. To see more pictures and learn about Bonita and her training adventurers check out her blog, http://adoptbonita2.wordpress.com. Bonita is still a puppy but her foster parents are none other than the awesome trainers from LEAPdogtraining. This means that not only would you adopt a cute little ball of furry love but she will know basic obedience and have the manners of a princess. Not to mention you will be a super, fantabulous, big hearted, and good looking adopter. See where i’m going with this? We can even set a date for a Fiesta Island Portrait session all your own. Now who’s up for a doggy portrait session at the beach? Doing the sugar cookie is optional for you or your pup.