I have had the great opportunity to work with a very talented lady during the start up of her own cake pop and party business. We had a meeting this week to go over some new design products she wants to add to her advertising, and finalize her website. Even better was that I got to be a test subject for a new cookie recipe she has developed. So my place smelled of baking cookies while we sat down to talk art and design.

ADK Photography Copyright 2013Of course I snapped a few pictures during the process.

ADK Photography Copyright 2013Soooo many cookies. I wouldn’t say I’m a big fan of chocolate chip cookies, but these were incredibly tasty with their Ghirardelli chocolate and walnuts. A lot of her treats are not Paleo but we have discussed her including a gluten free/Paleo chocolate cake pop recipe soon. Everything she makes is yummy and gourmet and there is something for everyone.

ADK Photography Copyright 2013Though I can’t share the super secret recipe you will be able to order these yummy cookies very soon. I was lucky enough to get more cookies for later. The plan was to enjoy them this week and set up a mini food shoot for her website and marketing. I say WAS, because there was a surprise in store for me later that night. You may say, “Surprise, what ever could that be?” I will tell you it wasn’t that the cookies spontaneously exploded, or that they miraculously levitated on their own under our table, or even that they were sprinkled around the house by Hansel and Grettle. Who would even come up with these ideas, well THIS is who,

ADK Photography Copyright 2013and she would have us believe they were true. Yup, we had an attack of the cookie monster named Verbena. She usually is not interested in sweets at all. Maybe she was up for a counter surfing challenge or was just feeling ravenous with the full moon, like a werewolf cookie monster. I am reminded why I keep everything clean and put away, I must have forgotten I have a scent hound. Anyhoo, at least someone enjoyed them. She was perfectly fine if a little ashamed. One last look at the yummies I won’t be eating and i’ll add a link soon as Leily Pops is offically Launched.

ADK Photography 2013