Everywhere else the leaves have turned color and fallen, but not here. Now is the time when the leaves begin to loose their green colors and lighten into the yellows and oranges and finally fall. It seems to happen over night. One day everything looks full and lush, then the next denuded trees everywhere. Then spring hits and, “poof” everything looks normal once again. What isn’t normal is that we are suddenly having June weather in January. What this means is a fall-leaf mini doggy session in shorts and flip flops. Sasha here was more than happy to pose and play with my doggy assistant Verbena. It was a play date and pictures while enjoying the weather kind of day. I just loved her black lab coloring in all the yellows and oranges. I know her mommy and aunties will agree, she’s one pretty girl. We are still pretty green here but hey, that’s San Diego fall for you.

ADK Photography Copyright 2013

“Do I eat them?” – SashaADK20130121 0083 W ADK20130121 0092 W

The dynamic duo after some sprinting and wrestling. Everyone left happy and tired. Hope your week has started off just as well.

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