Yesterday I ran in the 2012 Color Run in San Diego. For those of you who have never heard of it this 5k run is based purely on fun, color, and getting dirty! While I got the chance to run the Hub cheered on my team and snapped some photos of this incredible experience. Sometimes it easier to see then hear about something so cool so here we go.

We rode the trolly to the run to avoid the traffic and we were not the only color runners who had the same idea. By the time we had reached the destination spot each car was filled with eager color runners. So much so that it was a sea of white as far as we could see.

We were schedualed to begin our run in the day’s second group at 1:30. Both the morning and afternoon start times have to had a couple thousand runners each time. It was amazing to see so many people ready to get colorful.

Here we are shiny and clean revving to go on our run.

And here are some shots of the action from the sidelines.

I’m there somewhere in all the photos my Hub took. It was hard to see who’s who in the color clouds. He should have guessed I was the one skipping and twirling in front of the color throwers. Despite offing up all of me as a color canvas not a lot stuck to me. This may just be a testament to my laundry skills. I swear I didn’t scotch guard myself.  In all our race packets we were given a packet of one of the colors from the race to use at the big color throw. We cheated and had a mini color throw off ourselves. What better way to celebrate our passing the finish line.It was so much fun. The run was not timed but based on how much fun you can have on a 5k. Like they say the Color Run is, “The Happiest 5k on the Planet!” I would recommend this one if you are just starting out running/jogging/walking races. Am I going to do it again? YES, and next time I will make sure to be even more colorful. Don’t just live life, make it spectacular! I’ll leave you with a little before and after pic. Much love to my Color Run ladies.