There is something to photographing a couple you have a history with. I’ve known Kat for years and was excited to hear she was down for engagement photos done in San Diego. So from the sweltering Arizona desert she and Chris her fiancee came to the cool beaches and city life here. Working with this special pair was crazy fun as we shared stories from growing up and bonding as the adults we had become. Getting to know Chris while telling him about the shenanigans his beautiful fiancee would get into couldn’t have been funnier. We were able to schedule two days for photography. One for the beach and the other for downtown. We spent some time at Sunset Cliffs first. The clouds created a cooler day perfect for the snuggling poses I like for engagement sessions. The second day started off at Horton Grand Hotel with the sun shinning and golden. Each day we ended up refreshing ourselves at a local pub and toasting our fun with beers and margaritas. Once back at my desk reviewing our two days worth of work I was wearing a huge smile on my face.  Life is great when you can’t pick your favorite image because there are so many you love.