I recently celebrated a pup named Cookie’s 3rd birthday with a “Mommy and Me” portrait session. Both have some modeling experience so I knew it would be lots of fun. I had an opening and they jumped on the date. Knowing these two as long as I have, when I asked them what they had in mind they said, “What ever you want to try.” I know, the perfect client right. I’ve had a locale that I wanted to explore, along with trying pushing my off camera lighting techniques a little more than usual. As an artist it is always good to push your comfort zones so you can mature in a medium. I love studio lights because I can tinker and find just the right set up over the course of  a shoot. I also love to use flash to complement natural daylight. What I was striving for is a little more pop and fashion feel in my repertoire. I basically want to become a super lighting ninja with speed, daring, and an arsenal of trained lighting assistant jr. ninjas. Who doesn’t want to be a ninja with them being so cool and always in the perfect little black ensemble? Well ninja, tomb raider, or photographer. Two out of three ain’t bad.

I ended up with two fearless models, one jr. assistant ninja, and a new location to try out. The outcome… an adventure!

In all honesty I had to photo edit some naughty words out of the back ground of some of the shots but other than that my color-pop and purposeful light vision became a reality. So, how about it? Would you be down for a portrait session with your fur child? Support your local ninja.