I hope everyone had a safe and fun 4th of July this year. We had a pretty laid back day because of the chilly overcast weather.  We nixed the whole day at the beach but still wanted to make it down to the bay for the fireworks. I was super prepared for the evening, tripod, folding chair, extra blanket  and drink. I haven’t taken fireworks photographs recently, (as in years) and this was the year I was going to wow and surprise all of you. Sadly we just happened to go to the fireworks display that went boom in a bust kinda way. There was a technical glitch which fired all and I mean all of the fireworks on three floating barges all at once fifteen minutes before the display was scheduled to go off. The resulting explosion of fireworks was huge! It was an impressive in a holy cow that was loud and bright way. No pretty colors or shapes just one massive big white light. I know there are some americans who didn’t get to see any sort of fireworks so I’m glad I got to see “The Big Bang” at least. Happy independence day America and hurray for some night shots of the bay.

Those little ones in right picture were the sad stragglers to the big bang. Looks a little like the boat is on fire too. Life’s quirky moments right.  Next year maybe sparklers and a all day beach rental so no being stuck in traffic.