If you know me then you must know I love animals. For all of those just getting to know me I’m the lady who always says, “Awwww, can I say hello to your furry/hairy/scaly/feathered friend.” I grew up with a variable menagerie of pets. I think this is why I get so much joy out of working with other animal loving people. Along of working with my clients I have been lucky enough to volunteer with a few animal rescues. Mostly I’ve been offering photography services but then I found more ways I could expand my volunteering repertoire. I grabbed the opportunity to help evaluate potential dogs for the same rescue I have fostered for, Pit Bull Rescue San Diego. I can continue to take photos but now I have the great responsibility working with the evaluation team to select the best dogs for their rescue program. Today I took part in a special shelter eval for a senior dog in need of a sanctuary to end his days in. Most people don’t want to adopt an older dog in the twilight of their doggy lives. I think about it as hospice care, where their last days can be filled with comfy doggy beds and belly rubs. From what I understand the rescue hasn’t had many of these types of cases in the program but I am not sure of all the past work done by this rescue. Every dog deserves a life filled with love and comfort, for however long that life may be. I worked with two other volunteers to determine if this senior dog named Snoopy would be a good fit for this type of opportunity.

Meet Mr. Snoopy a very mellow, happy, little gentleman.

What do you think of Mr. Snoopy. Would you offer up your home as a sanctuary for an aged pet left at a shelter at the end of his life?

There are so many animals available for adoption even if Mr. Snoopy is not a fit for you.  We visited with some of the feline persuasion while we waited to meet Mr. Snoopy. Please think about opening your home and heart to any of the shelter animals out there.

There is something to love in every furry face.


If you would like to help Snoopy or know someone who would be interested in a sanctuary foster please check out the link below,