In April I attended a lovely bridal shower in honor of a good friend of mine. The maid of honor hosted the party, which was a wine tasting bridal shower. She did a wonderful job with delicious foods and party games.  It was refreshing to sip cool wines while it was close to 100 degrees outside. Part of the tasting included trying to figure out which wine was from which winery based only on the description from the bottle. I’ll admit I wasn’t great at guessing the reds, did really well with the whites, but still got to pick my favorite wine  to take home with me. This was great because I never win any type of shower games. I’m just not cutthroat enough because I get distracted taking pictures.

I have to say when it was time to make wedding dresses out of toilet paper both of the dresses were pretty cool. My team wrapped the bride to be in a form fitting modern one sleeve number. Good looking but totally not functional for anyone but Peg Bundy who rocked the mincing high heal shuffle.

One of the games we played involved questions the maid of honor researched about the groom, which she then rolled up and placed inside a balloon. We then had to pop the ballon with a pin to get to the question out for the game to progress. It was actually pretty hard to pop the balloons and I got a lot of wincing and grimacing on camera. The bride did great answering the questions and like usual I didn’t guess the correct number she’d miss. Foiled again! For those of you who want to try this maybe some sort of goggle or Jackie O. style sunglasses could be worn by the popper. You know, the whole high velocity objects hurling themselves at your eyes thingy. Happily we all survived without an ocular injury.

What do you think, will you be planning a wine tasting anytime soon?