This past weekend I created a photo booth, for a very special baby shower. I made photo props inspired by Maurice Sendak’s “Where the Wild Things Are.”  Looking back as a tyke I remember reading and re-reading his books just so I could stare at the illustrations. Even today I still draw inspiration from many of his his books. I wanted to share some of the magic I felt and still do from Sendak’s, “Wild Things” with my future niece.  Celebrating Sendak’s monsters was a perfect fit with my brother and sister inlaw’s UglyDoll baby shower and nursery. I was planning on posting some photos later this month but yesterday was accompanied with sad news. Maurice Sendak passed away at 83 years of age. The passing of someone is always sad, but I believe celebrateing the beautiful and positive things they brought to this world is the best way to memorialize them. Even though his creative pen is forever at rest, his inspiration will continue to live on in future generations, my niece included now.

The day before the shower I snapped a few early images of the mom and dad to be. The next day I posted some of the images by the photo props so guests would get inspired.

Having a mini test run turned out advantageous. I tweaked the back ground and location of the photo area from a alcove on the deck because of how hot and humid it was. I had forgotten what Texas was like in the spring/summer. Sometimes is all about location, location, location. Even though the light and space was perfect we needed more of an breeze. Then the rumpus began once the guests started  arriving.

What children’s books inspired you growing up?