I know I’ve mentioned that I have fabulous grandmothers but each time I see them there are always more treasures to see and stories behind them. My Grandmother K has an awesome collection of geodes, rock fossils, and minerals. She collected many “in the wild.” As she told me,”It’s addicting and once you start looking down you don’t look back up.” Kind of like teenagers texting but without the running into light posts part. Now with spring here you may think only of blooms but why not think of what lies in the earth below them. the varied textures and color patterns can be beautiful. Then there are the few that sparkle. We as primates just love shinny objects. Well us, birds, raccoons, and sharks.  Yes sharks, so put that rhinestone bikini back in the drawer, but I digress. Let’s rock on.

I hope you are inspired to try rocking out yourselves.