Running 5Ks and cute goofy puppies, what better combination is out there? Maybe cuddling and cute goofy puppies but I got to do that as well at the Helen Woodward Puppy Love 5k/walk. I heard about the event from Pretties with Pitties, a wonderful San Diego organization that strives to improve the image of the Pit bull and help get rescue animals adopted. They were a supporter of our adopted foster dog Jessie. She was a favorite with these ladies which is how I got to know about them. This time around I volunteered to handle/walk one of the dogs at this event. All of pups were from Pit Bull Rescue San Diego and I have met a few of these pups before. Even better the hub said he would take our own Verbena for the event so the whole family could participate.

We woke up Sunday to drizzle and rain clouds and set off for Solana Beach. I was packing a small light camera set up, of course lots of training treats, and clicker. Pups always have a great time with some positive reinforcement. The “watch me” command is great for picture taking.

I got to handle this little ball of happiness named Martha. She is from a litter named after the U.S. presidents and their wives.

We took the walking route since most of the dogs are under 1. You have to be care full not to push puppies to far at their age to prevent ligament and joint damage.

After we finished we had the dogs out to meet people and they had a nice break from their walk by the ocean. They played and met some new people for pets and kisses.

This little guy was a cuddle bug the whole time. This couple seemed to fall in love him and they took his puppy card I had whipped up a couple days before for each adoptable dog.

He even tried to give my camera a little love.

You’ve met Martha already and here are all the other fur babies available from Pit Bull Rescue San Diego who were at the event.

Carter (The sweetest cuddle baby ever)


Sugar (Mama to a few of the pups)


Peppermint Patty (Soon to be going to a forever home, hooray!)

You can check out Pit Bull Rescue San Diego’s adoptables page here.

It was a great event with lots of puppy friendly vendors and gorgeous K9s. They had a doggy pet costume contest, and puppy yoga! We had a great time and are going to do it again next year. The Hub, Verbena, and I got coffee and crepes after the event to refuel and cap off what turned out to be a lovely day.

For more about the Pretties with Pitties visit their Facebook page here.