I got a chance to finally meet some new additions to my family and of course I took my camera along. Mr. O was a bit shy at first but soon his energetic personality came right out. And let me tell you this little guy has a whole lotta of personality. He was impressed when I showed him his picture on my camera’s view screen. After that it was little male model mode for him. We popped out back so we could check out his gardening skills which I’ve heard stories about. He spends lots of his time helping out his grandpa garden with his own lawn mower and rake set. I think we have a future landscaper in the family. Miss. V is the newest addition, though not as active was as sweet as could be. As long as she was bouncing along she didn’t fuss while I was snapping away. I love her big blue eyes and chubby cheeks. Here are just a few of the pictures I took of this adorable duo.

I can’t forget their beautiful mom. Thanks for the lovely visit!