I love the rain. Not to say that I don’t love the almost 12 months of perfect weather we get in San Diego but something about the occasional shower makes me happy. I love that I get to wear a rain coat, boots, and tote around an umbrella. When I grew up in southern Arizona it was the fact that the monsoons accompanied the rain and made the air smell like creosote. When I lived in Virginia it was the cups of tea and comfy sweaters I wore. I love the sound of it pouring down or patterning against the windows. Here we get very little of it annually. I don’t tap dance around in puddles but I really don’t mind getting wet.

The rain increased as the day wore on and I noticed this evening it had filled to over flowing my tin watering can. Some how a small rose leaf had ended up on top of the can without being knocked around by the large rain drops.  It had collected water like a little pearl in a oyster. I know super riveting stuff, but when is the last time you really looked around you at everything going on in your environment. Do you pass by a tableau of a sunset, think oh that’s pretty, but don’t stop to really “see” everything. How the grass becomes glossy and saturated with the pinks and oranges of the sky. The way the sidewalks turn a shade of purple transforming them from utilitarian to streamers of color. It really comes down to not what your see but how you experience what you see. This is how I felt about this little rose leaf cradling its water drops.  So no shocker but guess what I did…  Brush the leaf off and use the rain water on the one plant tucked under the eves not getting water. Heck no! I went and got my camera and started taking pictures as my hub looked at me getting rained on like I was crazy. Ok, maybe just a tiny bit nutty but remember I do like the rain and all. I did take a moment to rain proof the camera AND put on my rain boots so there was method to my madness.

Then I got just a tiny over excited and got the speedlight out.

Why not see the mundane as extraordinary. What pearl did you see today?