This year with two pups I wanted to make theme costumes The only one not participating with the theme was the Hub. He just used an old costume to scare the trick or treaters. He’s more into the tick part of Halloween while I like the costume making and decorating. I went though a couple of ideas before deciding on what we did. I wanted the costumes to be puppy friendly, made out of material I already had, and simple enough to put together quickly. The theme I settled on was, Entomologist (bug biologist) and bug specimens. Verbena would go as a bee while Jessie as a beautiful butterfly. I cheated a little bit with Verbenas costume. It was a old store bought one I made fabulous with pearls. I thought they would look like pollen all over her. The only thing I bought new this year were the wings for Jessies butterfly costume. It was a green Halloween for us. Of course when we got all dressed up I wanted to take a few pics in character.

“Crikey the elusive Redbone Queen Bee!”

“I’ll need this one for further study.”

We had a lot of puppy visitors in costume this year so I snapped a few cute ones of course. I can never resist a cute doggy mug.

We actually went to a trick or treat event near by all in costume. Check out Jessies blog for all the fun pictures. After that it was candy and scary movies for us. We had quite a few trick or treaters in our neighborhood. I’m so glad I busted out the outdoor decorations this year. I hope your Halloween was just as fun as mine.