In the usual tradition of my family I wanted to make something for Halloween this year. Last year I made pillow covers with personalized vampire silhouettes and wanted to continue the handmade fiendish take on family portraits. The hub suggested that I pick a project that wouldn’t take up a lot of space since I’m really trying hard not to amass more stuff. I  decided to create spooky photo portraits to display in the house similar to this. Though mine won’t have glowing eyes or satanic image materializing unexpectedly (ok, ok, I think we can all spot a hologram picture right), they will make people take a second look. I imagine it going like this, “Hey, are these antique photos of your family?…. wait somethings odd here…. is this YOU in the photograph!? Creepy,” says random guest in our house.

I’d love to say I found all my vintage material in out of the way antique shops but I really just did some internet shopping. Not as fun but so much quicker in this hectic month for me. I made everyone pose for new head shots to match the lighting so it would look more seamless. Then the digital magic began attaching our faces to our previous life backgrounds. Sometimes photo shop can be to much fun. I limited my self to only a few so I didn’t go over board. Here they are for your scary Halloweeny pleasure.

The hub picked out his first past life photograph, no surprise it was from the old west.

I wanted a more debonair dearly departed pic of him so I choose this one.

Who knew a Dorian Gery all my own. His hair is neither long nor straight in real life but you never know past life and all. I couldn’t leave out our fur children from he fun. I actually think these would make some awesome greeting cards. First off, the serious faced Victorians. I know Jessie is a girl and that’s a mans body but she doesn’t ascribe to traditional gender roles. She told me, really she did.

Ok, no suit for Jessie so how about two cute little dead girls right.

This last one is really what my dogs would look like if they were my children, blond curls and fancy dresses. Though they have faces only a mother could love. And there you have it. I know I have some old frames hanging around that would make these puppies look spooktactular.