Though it appears that I have gone MIA the creatively has continued at ADK Photography and ADKreative. With work during the summer I’ve added something new to my plate.  We, more like I decided that we needed to help a lovely puppy out by fostering her. The hub very magnanimously said, “What ever makes you happy Honey.” I have volunteered to photograph dog evaluations for Pit Bull Rescue San Diego (PBRSD) and have posted about some of them on ADKreative. But it was only for this little pup that I have become a foster mum. Jessie was fostered in our neighborhood while she was an even younger puppy. This is when she met us for the first time. Verbena and her other friends helped to socialize her and keep her dog friendly. I don’t know what happened with her adopted family. Basically it just didn’t work out. Since Jessie has joined our household we have reintroduced basic commands, walking on leash, and helping her become a well mannered K9 citizen. I have even started another blog to help my foster puppy find what we hope is a new and permanent home. This was where I’ve been posting lately. I have lots of fun stuff to show you here on ADKreative but feel free to check out the very bottom of the page for this button,

Pop on over and meet Jessie. If you know of anyone who would love a fur addition to their family you can’t go wrong with this little girl. She’s almost a year and I don’t want her forever home to miss out on her puppy period.