It’s time to catch up with you my readers. Life has been wonderfully busy. I have a love/hate relationship with having so much on my plate. I love the fact that I’m working and creating art. I hate that some things get put on the back burner. On a positive note I have so many pictures and stories to tell you about. You have some awesome eye candy coming your way. Let’s begin with the Easter Holiday.

This Easter our little family along with some friends decided to relax, grill out, and have a doggie egg hunt. The food was tasty and we drank “Man-mosas,” which it turns out is a more alcoholic version of the Mimosa us ladies drink. Or so my friend Jerry tells me which is why it’s a “Man” drink. with a “Man” name. It was yummy nuff said.

The doggie egg hunt began last year with Verbena’s first Easter. It went so well and the pups loved it so much we knew we had to do it again. All the dogs picked up on the idea quickly. I think it speaks to their instincts since we really don’t let our city dogs, “hunt” very often.

Everybody with the exception of the little puppy found all their eggs with out cracking them. Maybe wait for the little fur ones have better bite control before trying this yourself.

Have a great weekend, there’s more to come!