The weather here has been unpredictable lately, even during the course of one day. Yesterday while I was shooting a puppy portrait the light would fluctuate rapidly. One moment overcast with even diffused light, then bam! The next second is, full sun with heavy contrast. The photo ninja in me was having a blast. Today was full of the same, but coupled with a cold wind. Even Verbena trotted a little bit quicker on her walks with me. You know it’s brisk when the one with the fur coat is looking at you like, “Is it time to go home yet?”

I love the clouds and the rain when it’s here. The color blue seems to really tint the day. It’s always a fun mini challenge to pick a color and focus on where it is around you. I thought I’d share with you some blue images from the cold, rainy, day.

Give it a try yourselves, even if you don’t have a camera. You notice the world around you in a little more detail. What’s important to you can narrow or expand what you experience around you in your everyday life.