Today is a special day for our little family. It is the second anniversary of Verbena’s adoption. Our little fur child is officially 2.  We assume she was born sometime in December but since we do not know for sure we spoil her on her adoption day. I still remember when I was visiting a kill shealter in Las Vegas with my brother and mother. We were looking for him but he spotted her for me.

She was only 17 pounds at the time, just skin and bones. The shelter was so full that each dog was given only 3 days for the public to see them before being put to sleep. This was when the housing crisis first hit everywhere and people were losing homes left and right.

Her first year was full of puppy antics and new experiences. Lots of training, love, and patience filled both her and my schedule. She mellowed out after turning one, but still had lots of energy and exuberance for new adventures. Here are a few snap shots of her this last year.

For Easter I dressed her in a spring ribbon and flower, then she went on an egg hunt. I stuffed treats in plastic eggs for her and her friends to find.  There were snacks and tea for all the human parents afterward. She wore the flower all day but was not digging her ribbon so I removed that part.

There was hiking and trail sniffing to fill her weekends. The official varmint hunting season starts when Verbena shows up, get your fish and game licenses now!

There were ducks, new places, and old friends at the beaches.

She does this thing where she gets too cold in the water, so she rolls around in the hot sand to dry off and warm up. We call this the sugar cookie look.

In 2010 Verbena started going to training at Hollywood Paws to be a better puppy citizen. She has learned new commands and logged many miles in the car. Her school is literally where they film Mad Men and Law and Order LA. We’ve seen film crews and stars at the studios.

We attended their Halloween party in her new costume this year.

She was a Special Response Puppy (S.R.P.). Her duties included tactical training in sniffing, investigating, and catching the Pup-petrators. Go Beans! She had her own pawcuffs, and gun. She wore the costume with no complaints. I created it so it would be comfortable and fit her specific body shape. It didn’t hurt that I praised the heck out of her and kept feeding her treats. She is usually very patient with my clothing antics for her. This year is when she starting napping more and lost her puppy-crazies. This was great. I’d run with her in the mornings.  She would then nap peacefully the rest of the day as I work at home or go on a shoot. Our little puppy is all grown up. Her life is only getting better and better. Happy 2 years Beans!