Today I tagged along to photograph a dog assessment for Pit Bull Rescue San Diego (PBRSD). It turned out we looked at two pups in need of a rescue group to save them from being put down. Both have medical issues and are recovering from injuries sustained before being picked up by the Bonita Humane Society.

The first one doesn’t have a name and was found as a stray. He came in with injuries from what looks like a dog attack and has two cherry eyes. He is very young, just a puppy. He was a little timid at first but was friendly with us humans and the other dogs around his area. Even though he is still healing he let me pet and tug on his little body. Between the two this one has the greater chance to be rescued from the shelter. The board from PBRSD will be the ones to make the final decision and I hope the pictures I took help them in making their decision.

The second one was seized after he fell 24 feet from the owners balcony. He is missing an eye but I don’t know when or how that happened. He now has trauma to the head resulting in liquid on his brain that will require surgery. They don’t know if he has permanent brain damage from his fall. He walks in circles in his cage but eats, drinks, responds to stimuli well. They have kept him longer than usual because he was needed for the animal cruelty case.

Both will be put down because of the medical costs for each are too expensive for the shelter if a rescue group can not take them. If you are looking to donate money for a good cause you can contact Pit Bull Rescue San Diego at;

(858) 693-7331

I know that with so many people losing their homes there are more pets abandoned today.  Thank you so much to all those people who volunteer, foster, and donate to help these and other animals who are hurt/neglected/suffering.

If you want to help animals victims of the Japanese tsunami;

Animal Refuge Kansai (please add “for earthquake animals”)
World Vets
American Red Cross