Along with some of my family I’ve been following the Southbeach diet plan for a little while. I don’t really call it a diet but a eating lifestyle. My goal is to make sure I have the right amount of veggies, fruits, lean meats, and not as many carbs. I looove bread and baked goods. So the first phase of this plan has been annoying. The Hub has been great help and now eats from the paleo diet. They are very similar but mine is a little more restrictive while I stick to the first phase for Southbeach. He actually found this recipe from for South Beach Diet P1 Peanut Butter Muffins. They have no flour but puff up like little delicious muffins so I can have them to satisfy my bread-cookie cravings. I make a lot of them so I double the recipe. The Hub likes them with his coffee in the morning.

You Microwave the natural-style peanut butter till smooth. It’s takes a little over one minute for the doubled amount.

Verbena can smell the melted peanut butter. This is usually when she comes in to see if anything “falls” on the floor for her to clean up.

Mix all the ingredients together.

The Recipe says to use a 24 cup mini muffin tray with cups but I like to use our 12 medium sized muffin tray.

Here they are all done and ready to eat with some coffee or tea.

For those of you looking for a sweet bread alternative here is the recipe for this yummy muffin.

Southbeach Diet P1 Peanut Butter Muffins

I’m thinking of trying to add bananas, raisins, or a couple of chocolate chips. We will see how it goes. Tell me if you make improvements or delicious changes.