This past weekend was rather a wet one outside. The poor dog and I had to stay indoors all day on Sunday. If its raining and I open the door for Verbena, she takes one step out and turns right around and comes back inside. She gets under her puppy blanket and sleeps till it’s nice out again. Unlike her I like rainy days. I like seeing the clouds roll and bunch in the sky. I put on my new rain boots and attempt to take the dog out for a potty breaks just to be out and about in the change of weather. Monday came and the heavy rain left but there were still angry clouds lolling around the sky pushed by the wind. I wore my rain boots just in case the grass was squishy, wink wink. Ok, I wore them really just because I think they are cute and pop on and off so easily. The Hub was home for the day so he took the leash and I took my camera.

I found some dandelions in the newly thick and green grass. I always associate them with playing soccer as a kid. Even though our grass in Tucson wasn’t as green as it is out here there were always dandelions, yea! There were also those burrs that would poke you through your shin guards and socks but you could never find THE ONE that was actually doing the poking, boo! I like the dandelions much better. Their structure is so abstract and modern looking. I think my desire to blow the seed heads off is equal to my desire to pop bubble wrap and step on the big crunchy maple leaves in the fall.  All I find are just too irresistible and still do to this day. What do you find just too irresistible to ignore?

While we were out Verbena ran into her best friend and had the chance to stretch her legs. They have known each other since they were puppies and act like litter mates. If they are together they’re happy. They both get the “stink face” and snort/sneeze while playing but never hurt one another. I don’t know how they can be so gentile tackling each other.