I know I have mentioned that I like surrounding myself with things that inspire me, but I don’t know how much I stressed that I like things to be organized fairly well too. I literally FEEL frazzled when I see the sometimes monumental disaster I’ve created the next day. The Hub is confused by this issue I have when he sees me clean up everything before making a new mess. I even do this when cooking but I attribute that to my Mom always telling me to cook in a clean kitchen. By clean I mean no dirty dishes and everything washed and put away. For all you dinner guests it’s always sanitized. I promise! If I were a restaurant in California I’d have that “A” taped to my front window haha.

I’ve slowly been organizing things as we have lived here in our home. We bought our condo a little over 2 years ago and I have spaced out my home improvement projects. This month I wanted to finally tackle the disorganized mess in my office closet. Since we moved in, my office closet has been left unpainted and contained one wire shelf and attached bar. I tried some basket shelves from IKEA, decorative boxes, and bins. This was to no avail. That damn wire shelf was just at an awkward height and had its supporting rod-thingy bisected the space in a weird got way. I had removed the sliding doors when we first moved in for easier access but then I saw all my stuff just laying piled up or falling over. I resorted to hiding my shame behind a fabric curtain left over from the Hub and mine’s first place together. And that was just the way it has been till now…

This is what I found so cringe worthy. If you can’t guess these are the “Before” photos

I removed everything creating a monumental mess in the spare bedroom and on top of the dinning table. I’m sooo good at messes. I patched and sanded the holes left behind by the stupid wire shelf. Coated the sides and trim with white but on the back wall a turquoise left over from a Good Will rehab project.

I bought the Elfa shelving from The Container Store. I was so happy walking in there with my measurements and design already figured out. It came with instructions that I could also watch on line. I used their anchors and screws for drywall. The drill bit size they recommended to pre-drill for the anchors was HUGE.  I looked like a metal finger attached to my drill. Scary big! I second guessed the directions and used a smaller drill bit first because I soo didn’t want to patch, sand, texture, prime, and paint eight over large holes in my drywall. I’m all about doing it properly ONCE. Blah redoing things.

The construction was super easy. But then I DO consider myself a super expert ninja when building IKEA furniture. Verbena would stop in along the process to sniff and look at me with “What the heck are you doing?” written all over her puppy face. They only thing she really thinks is acceptable for me to do is pay attention to her.

I ran into two problems. The first where I had to lower the top shelf a little lower than planned to be able to fit the bigger storage boxes up there. This then offset the space I had left for our little home safe. Both I will admit were due to that planning and preparation I was so proud of when I went to the store.  As Tim Gunn says, “Make it work.”

The only thing missing was a countertop filling up the dimensions of the closet, which The Container Store couldn’t provide. I bought a remnant from IKEA a while back for this purpose for $7.00. My friends Hub helped me cut it down to size. My mini girl arms just cant stretch as well. I added puck lighting so I could use this as a second work surface.

This it basically what I ended up with. I have since finished cleaning up and  organizing everything on the shelves and in the drawers. It looks and functions awesome now. I’ve fit more in there than I had before. Having it open makes my office look bigger too. The best part was when the Hub said he wised his work closet looked as cool.