While I missed blogging on February 14th,  the faboo holiday of Valentines day. I was on the road, well actually on the side of the road with a flat tire. I thought about how many people don’t like to celebrate it. I’m not a fan of how commercialized the holiday has become either. The Hub was out of town for this particular holiday. Usually we try to do something truly romantic that costs little to nothing or is handmade like a glittered card.  I thought why not  un-celebrate the day. It would  just be weird if I wined and dined the puppy, so there were no heart shaped cards and chocolates in my house. The big question was How do you un-celebrate something?

I decided to un-celebrate by shooting the “Broken Heart.” I can understand how you would be saying well that’s just not positive or fun at all, but it was. Artists have been using their ennui and pain to fuel their art for centuries. I’m not a very melancholic person in general, but I felt I could indulge in a little self melodrama for this little assignment. I didn’t want to capture the angry moment of the broken heart.  Just that quiet moment when life changes, your heart twists but you can’t or don’t want to really grasp it.

My creative process was as follows:

Does it matter that it’s past the actual day? Ehhh my typical answer, Well why not. Why should I wait another year.

Should I book a model for some quick photo fun? Naa I’ll go cheap and jump in there myself. I went all Cindy Sherman on my tuckus.

What should makeup and hair look like? I wanted pale and disheveled, like the world had stopped and I was gathering dust. While flushed cheeks are common during flirting no such rosy glow should touch my face. The hair should defiantly look like I finally rolled out of bed for the first time in days.

Light? Muted and washed out a bit. No sharp contrasty, (doesn’t sound like a real word but it IS!) shadows.

Props? Hell yeah. I made a small red paper heart which I “shot” with a pencil to literally depict my broken heart. I did try drawing on a red heart with makeup at one point wasn’t too fond of that one.

Music? I usually work with music or am inspired by it; which led to anything from Damien Rice’s “O” album.


Ok, just needed to channel my inner Byron.


I don’t know about you but I’m really digging the second one. A special thanks to my shutter clicking Hub.