I did it! I’ve tried and thoroughly enjoyed cupcakes from Sprinkles. They recently opened a store in San Diego, that apparently was featured on an episode of The Bachelor. I found out this last bit of trivia from my friend as we waited 45 minutes in line to purchase cupcakes, CUPCAKES. My thoughts were they better be darn good or I’m returning them Discount Tire style! If you don’t remember this reference and how could you not, here it is,  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QjTIm-vSKg .

Well, not only were they good but the cupcakes and their packaging were soooo cute. I can’t share the taste via the internet but you can sit and drool over what I got to sample. Evil I know, but enjoy!

To the best of my memory it goes, Red velvet, White Rum Cake, Pumpkin, Milk Chocolate, and Lemon Coconut. There were others but I didn’t want you to implode with envy.