I love having fresh flowers in the house and try to pick them up when we shop as occasional splurges. I wait till we go to the farmers market or surprisingly, Costco. Their selection is much more diverse than your average grocery store who only ever have roses, babies breath, tulips, and the sporadic sunflower. I came across these on the last quick trip to Costco. I go midday during the week because I hate, and I mean hate shopping in Costco crowds. You know the crowds where someone runs into your heal with their cart, people bottle neck the aisles, and no one is polite. Anyhoo do you remember when it was Price Club and they always offered testing cups of Italian ices? I loved the raspberry. So we’d buy the vat of it and I would have all summer to enjoy it.

When I saw this bunch the pinks, deep purples, and corals appealed to me. I may not get Italian ices anymore but I do get some cool flowers. I really have no clue what they are other than fabulous.  If you do, let me know so I can order some more. It’s has been warm and they have held up pretty well.