This past weekend I took a Sunday to play a little “photo tourist,” in San Diego’s Old Town.I pared down the photo-gear for myself and the Hub. We had a few friends join us and off we drove. After we found parking, grrrr on the availability there of by the way, I proposed a quick D.O.F. (depth of field) challenge to my Hub and friend. We were curious what we could all come up within the specified  parameters.

I love how the stores in Old Town are closer to being historically accurate. I remember when I had first moved here they were filled with cheesy souvenir shops that sold little to nothing relevant to the historical location.

They had a great model of Old Town San Diego. What it looked like when the area was first settled. It’s the geek in me but I was thrilled. I love the natural history museum for this reason. A lot of photographers are exploring photographing the world around them to look like miniatures. It has to do with the tilt-shift of the focal point. The manufacture Lens Baby has a product that can help create this effect of the tilt-shift of a cameras billows for your digital SLR.

We didn’t know it at the time but there was a animal festival with booths and pet based competitions going on the same day on the green. We alas, did not bring our fur children. For future reference I found out that the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Restaurant allows puppy seating in their outdoor patio.

We took a break for lunch and bottomless mimosas. Just what every photographer needs, good champagne. I normally don’t consume booze while shooting, and I’m happy to announce no tilt-y-world or wonkyness in my contact sheet. We topped the day off with some Churros. If you have never had one of these delicious fried cinnamon and sugar treats run out right now, I mean it get your car keys, go now and get one. Make sure it’s fresh and warm inside, it’s a perfect street food.