I have been out of town helping my brother move into his beautiful new home in San Antonio. Unfortunately this means my postings have been delayed. I was trying to get way to many things done before I left and didn’t have time to schedule them. I know many women who seem to be able to get everything done. I am always in awe of them.

I decided to post some shots of the delicious food we had for Thanks giving. Oh turkey and mashed potatoes I miss you already. I know I can make these dishes anytime I want, but the allowance you get to stuff yourself silly for one day is missing any other time of the year. What a great holiday for people who love food.

They turkey was cooked outside on the grill by my sister’s boyfriend. He did an amazing job. It was even better than it looks.
My sister made wedding cookies and a family favorite, Kolaches. We had a slew of deserts to munch on and of course I tried everything.