Last month the Hub and  I stayed for a mini stay-cation at a little boutique hotel here in San Diego named The Pearl. It is a vintage mid-century modern hotel freshened up into a hip Bar/Lounge/Dive in Theater/Hotel. They have a large outdoor movie screen which during the evening they play movies on. Their “Dive In Movie” nights lets you hang at the bar or in the pool while the featured movie plays. Loved the experience, the staff was friendly and accommodating. Here are some quick shots of the little adventure we took.

Our room included a little private patio, which we didn’t get to use too much due to the on and off again rainy weather. The styling and colors were hip and modernized the vintage architecture beautifully.

The bathroom was the only factor which I’d say was off for me. It retains the original tub, tile, fixtures, and sink. They were “rehabilitated,” by the current owners who wanted to keep as much of the original hotel intact as possible. I say “rehabilitated,” because they may be functional, but they only limp along at this point bearing the scars of many abuses. I applaud your desire for authenticity Sirs, but please fix the rust in the tub. On a positive note we both LOVED the little bath products. My curly hair is very finicky about what it likes.

Each room has its own resident betta fish. Ours was named Wolfgang. I loved his little bowl. I am now reconsidering adding a fish to our little family. Betta’s are hardy right?

The hotel offers the guests complementary use of their beach cruisers. I took one of the turquoise ones, while the Hub grabbed the only black one. We took advantage of a break in the weather and biked around the bay taking pictures as we went.

I just love that here in San Diego tooling around the beaches on beach cruisers is the norm. Ciao