Since I posted a photo of the vampire silhouette pillows I made up for this past Halloween I thought you’d like to see the invite I designed that inspired them. I wanted something different and personal to our little family. I photographed each person/pup in profile then created the silhouettes in Illustrator.

I wanted to make it memorable so I included the finger with ribbon. It’s not the string you usually wrap around a digit to remember something, but I thought “how do you make a severed finger pretty?” Pretty green ribbon!  I drew out a sketch of my left pointer finger, inked it, scanned it then played with it a little in Photoshop on my Wacom tablet. To finish it up I laid it all out in InDesign for printing. I added a return address and skull on the back flap of the envelope. I attached the finger with these great adhesive dots from Scotch for the floating effect. They are photo safe so no yellowing of the paper, I just hate that.

I had a lot of little finger cut outs left over from printing out a batch of them on one sheet. Better more than not enough I always practice. So the plan was to attach them to toothpicks for “finger foods,” haha I know. This was one small project I didn’t get a chance to finish so maybe next year.