We decided to have a Halloween party this year since our past few had only consisted of handing out candy. I designed our invitations, in the process creating silhouettes of each of our little family members. I re-used the same silhouette graphics on some black pillows for the living room. I added the red accents around the necks as an nod to the French during the french revolution.  Since the use of the guillotine severed the head women would wear a red ribbon around their necks. The vampire teeth were just fun. I was able to use items from around my house to dress up the desert buffet area. I made brownies and pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese-orange icing. We of course offered puppy friendly cookies for our four legged guests. I made some decorations and costumes by hand while buying a few too. Would I have loved to make everything? Yes, but I didn’t want to stress over too many projects.We did notice the kids this year didn’t always say, “trick or treat!” Most just held out their bags in anticipation. I remember when you HAD to say it to get the proffered candy. Ahhh the days of Thundercats as costumes.

Hope your Halloweens were as spooktacular as mine was.