When I photographed this little lady her lovely eyes where wide open and interested in everything going on. Even with the bright window light and blanket fussing she stayed a happy, calm little lady. This was no nap time, Miss C. was bound and determined to enjoy herself with feet out stretched and inquisitive hands always moving. I can picture her scooting and standing as soon as she can to explore everything. Her parents chose a Star Wars themed nursery complete with stuffed tauntauns and Wampas. More girls should grow up to be Jedi knights.

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I have a a couple of 2-bank continuous fluorescent light panels with barn doors in the studio. For use with video and photography. I’ve used them before and had good results. It was time for a little more experimenting with them and some posing practice for the Hub. His style is very much photojournalistic so this was stepping outside his comfort zone a little.2BarLightPanel

We used a one light grey backdrop, two lights and I volunteered to step in front of the camera this time. Normally I coach from the other side of the lens so this was a change of pace. I had just bought some new foundation from Urban Decay called Naked. I have very sensitive skin and this does not make me break out. I normally just wear Bare Minerals for day to day but for pictures you need more coverage. I highly recommend this to my clients with sensitive skin.

ADK Photography Copyright 2013ADK Photography Copyright 2013ADK Photography Copyright 2013
ADK Photography Copyright 2013 ADK Photography Copyright 2013 ADK Photography Copyright 2013

We Were able to get some directional and some soft light with just the two lights and their white light diffusers. I liked the catch lights created by the bars as well. It is possible to have them too close to the model as they produce a lot of light. When I work with portrait clients I know they can feel a little awkward in front of the camera. Where do I put my hands? Do I look funny? Can you see my double chin? Everybody feels this way at the start of a session, then you really do warm up to it. Even I learned a little more about taking direction as a model to help my clients. Always keep learning and using your gear.

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When I was a tike, before I could read well, I would thumb though books just for the illustrations. Most times even if I couldn’t decipher the writing I could still understand the story. Understandably I liked comic books as well. I mean a story where illustrated panels say everything and words are secondary. Well, that was right up my ally. It used to be you’d protect your comics with only a plastic sleeve. Now there are great hard plastic protectors. These particular ones rate each issue by condition, seal your comics against harm, and their condition verified by Certified Guaranty Company, CGC Comics. Once you have your collector comics graded and placed in the holder remember to have good photos of your them for your home inventory and insurance. I had some creative fun with these for another fellow collector and friend.

ADK Photography Copyright 2013

ADK Photography Copyright 2013


Made the Hub jealous even more since these were signed as well. From the sunday newspaper comics to graphic novels what are your favorite illustrated stories?


After watering our little garden this afternoon I noticed a brand new architectural addition. We are now the proud owners of a water droplet laced massive web courtesy of sammy the spider architect. I’d say it is about a one and a half feet long and I think this little guy spun it In one afternoon. I know it wasn’t there this morning. Very industrious little sammy. Demolition begins tomorrow, nothing fancy like when a Las Vegas Hotel is put out to pasture. Sammy just needs to send out his “We’ve Moved” stationary and we are ready. I only want one furry creature on my porch, sorry Sammy.

ADK Photography Copyright 2013 ADK Photography Copyright 2013 ADK Photography Copyright 2013 ADK Photography Copyright 2013


Summer has been in full swing here and I’ve been a busy little bee. While i’m working today I thought a little i’d share a few recent pics from Bean’s life this summer. She’s been loving her smell-ventures and park time. What have your furry family members been up to?ADKPhotography Copyright 2013 ADKPhotography Copyright 2013 ADKPhotography Copyright 2013


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